carnations and vaccinations

At the end of a ten-hour vaccine clinic, a well-dressed man with a soft rolling-cooler full of flowers walked around the large atrium and gave every nurse, provider, pharmacist, pharmacy tech, and registration clerk a carnation. He had dozens of them, all different colors, and carefully ensured that every single person who had worked that shift was given the chance to pick a flower. 🌹

When asked what inspired him to do this, he only put his hand over his heart and said “I see how everyone is working so hard.” ❤️

This too shall pass. Someday soon we won’t need vaccine clinics that can serve 2,000-8,000 people / day. But right now we do need these events. This is part of history and we’re living it.

A patient told me, “I remember doing this for polio, too.” I asked her to tell me what that was like, and she did — recalling the day she and all her friends were vaccinated against polio with a green sugarcube. Now she’s been vaccinated against Covid, too.

I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to be a part of the pandemic response. This too shall pass, and I truly believe these vaccines will speed the end of covid as we now know it. I can hardly wait — I’ll work hard for that goal any day.

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