Kelli is a Family Nurse Practitioner. She’s been married to Scott since 2010.


She is particularly happy whenever she finds herself in a bookstore or a cat cafe, or with brunch on the table, or listening to live jazz, or surrounded by ancient or interesting buildings, or rearranging rocks in a creek, or paddling in a kayak, or sitting on a rock near a waterfall.


The name “Unbidden Grace” is homage to a quote by Kelli’s favorite author, Oliver Sacks, who in the (autobiographical) book ‘A Leg to Stand On‘ described his experience of re-learning how to walk after a severe accident.

When all was uncoordinated, difficult, weakened, unbalanced, broken, and the nerves and muscles in his leg were so damaged that he could not coordinate the movements needed to walk, he heard a piece of music. And in that moment:

“Grace, unbidden, appeared on the scene, became its center, transformed the scene. Grace entered, at the very center of things, at its hidden innermost inaccessible center, and instantly coordinated, subordinated, all phenomena to itself. It made the next move obvious, certain, natural. Grace was the prerequisite and essence of all doing.”(Oliver Sacks, 1984, A Leg to Stand On)

May we all hear the music when we need it, and find unbidden grace, so that we may proceed with all ‘doing’.

If you’d like to see my YouTube videos, please go here: https://youtube.com/user/BirdieandTheBear