{Bee-Day: New Hive Install}


We’ve been working intermittently on setting up our new Langstroth beehive for the past two months.


On the first weekend of April, we picked up 10,000 new Italian friends (plus their queen) and introduced them to their new home.


The bees arrive in a 3lb “package” that includes a queen bee who is kept safe in a small box located inside the package.




Italian honey bees are known for their light blonde coloration and their docility. Our honey bees lived up to this reputation, and did not attempt to sting either of us even once during the install.


This little lady happily licked some sugar syrup off my glove for a full 5 minutes.


We’re excited to be beekeepers!


Happy Sunday, friends! What’s something you dream of doing?

One thought on “{Bee-Day: New Hive Install}

  1. Lovely! We are kicking off beekeeping this year as well, and just put up a swarm trap while also signing up on our local swarm notification list in hopes we won’t need to order any and can stay local. Good luck and don’t forget to tuck those pant legs in next time so the bees can crawl up ’em when you’re maintaining the frames, I’ve heard many stories… 🙂


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