{Bee-Day: New Hive Install}


We’ve been working intermittently on setting up our new Langstroth beehive for the past two months.


On the first weekend of April, we picked up 10,000 new Italian friends (plus their queen) and introduced them to their new home.


The bees arrive in a 3lb “package” that includes a queen bee who is kept safe in a small box located inside the package.




Italian honey bees are known for their light blonde coloration and their docility. Our honey bees lived up to this reputation, and did not attempt to sting either of us even once during the install.


This little lady happily licked some sugar syrup off my glove for a full 5 minutes.


We’re excited to be beekeepers!


Happy Sunday, friends! What’s something you dream of doing?

{Bee Boxin}

We recently started getting ready for our first bees to arrive in April.

We have 3lbs of workers + an Italian Queen on the way & had to assemble and prepare their Langstroth hive.

Primed “super”; a section of the honeycomb

“The future of beekeeping is not in one beekeeper with 60,000 hives, rather it is 60,000 people with one hive. All of them aproaching the art and craft of being a keeper of bees as a holistic practice.”

Simon Buxton (2004), The Shamanic Way of the Bee

Thankful for so much help from family, and so excited for our bees to arrive in April! 🐝