verb (used with object), rehabilitated, rehabilitating. 1. to restore to a condition of good health,
ability to work,
or the like.

Really loving the end result of this refinished 1950’s mandolin, a restoration project that Scott recently took on during his spare time.


When Scott started this process, the hardware was rusted beyond use and all the glue holding this 1950’s ‘Old Kraftsman’ together had disintegrated – which resulted in the neck detaching from the dry-rotting body. Because the body and the neck weren’t stable, the mandolin could not hold appropriate tension to stay in tune. The strings that were in place were doing more damage than good as they slowly pulled the instrument apart.

Scott spent hours restoring the strength and beauty of the piece – starting with dismantling the whole thing and stripping it down to the original wood.

This week, the time finally came to install new strings. The end result is not only beautiful, but musically sound.


Restoration is a beautiful thing! Happy Friday, friends. What do you feel inspired to restore? 


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