NYC Half Frame Images, b/w roll

In April 2023, we went to New York with family. It was a quick getaway, just for fun. And the first time in the Big Apple for 3 members of our party!

I brought along my Kodak Ektar H35 camera, a newly acquired ‘toy’ camera. This was my second roll of film in this camera (Ilford HP5).

Overall I think the results are charming but grainy, I’m curious to try a roll of Ilford XP2 next since it tends to be sharper and higher contrast.

Part of the fun of a “half frame” camera is that it gives you 72 shots (per 36 shot roll)— and with so many available shots it’s easy to feel like you can shoot with abandon, whatever you want. Reservations and cost of development be damned, you’ve still got 63 shots to go!

I particularly enjoyed the playing with this camera at the TWA hotel. It seems well suited to the environment.

Here’s to burning more film in 2023.

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