Pesach 2022

Somehow, and I do know exactly how, I didn’t end up with hardly any photos of our Seder(s) for 2022. Largely because I was too busy soaking it in. By it, I mean a Seder- not virtual, not cancelled– just an in-person, sharing food and wine, reading the Haggadah together, Seder.

Our family Seder was slightly delayed this year due to Covid. I don’t mean Covid in the abstract sense, I mean Scott and I were isolated for being Covid positive on the original date… so it ended up a little later and smaller than planned, but that’s ok. There was no way we were going to cancel altogether, not after the last 2 years.

One photo I did nab was this snapshot of the candles Mom bought in Safat especially for Passover. If you don’t know, safat candles are a *thing* and these were not only gorgeous, they literally did not drip. Contrast with the regular ol’ Shabbat candles I usually get from Kroger (which I used for my Aunt Cheryl’s Seder) which drip allllll over my candlesticks every time and inevitably lead to me standing over the sink with ice cubes and a butter knife trying to scrape the dried wax off the sticks, and, because I forgot to put down a plate or tin foil… the tablecloth.

In addition to our family Seder, Scott also led a Seder for my Aunt Cheryl’s Methodist Bible study group (plus the mens Bible study). We had about 40 people, including 5 kids (all about 11-15yo). It was the first Seder for everyone there, with the exception of myself, Scott, Mom and Carol Anne. Everyone seemed to love it and Scott did a wonderful job as usual. I told him recently that I really love this about his mid-thirties. It wasn’t until his thirties that he started performing weddings, leading Seders… really leaning into public speaking in such a lovely, caring and educational way. It’s frankly an incredibly attractive ability.

One new thing we incorporated into both Seders this year was this song by Caroline Cobb- although not traditional, the song ties the liberation from Egypt in with the story of Yeshua using truly beautiful lyrics (listen to the first part and think: Egypt, second part and think: Yeshua).

The Passover Song by Caroline Cobb ft Sean Carter

In the morning, we will rise
Taste the freedom we thought we’d never find
We will dance now, in the streets
Once held captive now we shall live as kings
Lift your head, your voice
And sing of your salvation
Of the blood of the lamb that gave us life

Now by this we’ll overcome
Now by this we’ll reach our home

**Coming soon— I should have a couple more 35mm film photos to insert here (using Kodak Portra in my beloved Minolta XG-1), but as I like to say whenever I take a 35mm photo of someone, those won’t be seen for “3-6 business weeks”. Oh how I miss the days of 2 hour photo developing!**

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