I Dream of Jeannie 10k, Cocoa Beach

Nelson: How are things going?

Jeannie: Terrible. I have to make dinner, and I mean actually make it without magic. We are liable to die.

[I Dream of Jeannie, 1965]
Jeannie & Jeannie II

When Carol Anne was little, Wednesday nights were our nights. The boys had Scouts and Mom & Dad were Scout leaders- so immediately after (an always rushed) dinner, the boys and Mom would pile chaotically into the van (someone always unable to find their bolo, shoes, or belt). After a cacophony of “we’re gonna be late!” and “where’s my shirt?!” they would get gone just in time for Carol Anne and I to watch two episodes of I Dream of Jeannie on TV Land while we leisurely finished our dinner.

Photo taken digitally
Photo taken using 35mm film

The media often focused on Eden’s physical beauty and highlighted the show’s special effects, which were highly innovative at the time. However, there was a great deal of societal influence and social commentary present in the show’s text: Themes such as Orientalism, assimilation, and sexism run through the series, illuminating the dominant ideologies of the time. The first season of the show never went into syndication because it was the only one filmed in black and white, so most viewers have never seen the episodes wherein Jeannie’s Arabic roots were the most pronounced—and the most controversial. Jeannie reminisces about belly dancing for the sultan and riding camels, speaks gibberish Arabic under her breath, and hosts her parents when they visit—from Baghdad.” See more: https://www.bitchmedia.org/article/i-dream-of-jeannie-anniversary-assimilation

We’ve wanted to run this 10k ever since we spotted their booth at a Disney runner’s expo in 2015. The thing that probably sold us the most was the medal- a tiny Jeannie bottle!

The race itself happens at sunrise includes a long stretch on the (hard packed, low tide) beach.

The crowd (as would be expected) had a fun vibe and many racers were in costume- although I liked our outfits the best! We saw probably 4 other pairs of Jeannie / Jeannie II twins, but I liked our outfits the best.

The run is very appropriately located at Cocoa Beach in Florida.

This was a bucket list race for us, not an annual event, but definitely a fun time!

“People have to find their own way. “Don’t be afraid. Everyone’s life is different. Everyone’s beginnings are different.” — Barbara Eden

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