The Roll from Key West

Photos from my Minolta XG-1 (Ilford HP5 Film), 2021

At Hemingway’s house in Key West, where he lived with his second wife Pauline after it was purchased for them by her uncle for $8,000 in back taxes in 1931.
Hemingway had a polydactyl cat named Snow White and many of the (~50) cats that still live on the grounds carry this genetic trait.
Scott with the urinal which Hemingway ripped out of Sloppy Joe’s bar and turned into garden feature: now a water fountain for the cats living on the grounds.
Art Deco tiles on the floor and a polydactyl cat in the window.
A feathered guest at brunch.
The best way to travel in Key West (by scooter).
Poolside iguana.
Getting a drink of water.
Learning how to roll a cigar at Rodriguez Cigar Company.
I actually did quite well at cutting / rolling for my first try. The act of anchoring / applying gentle traction while simultaneous advancing with the other hand is not entirely unlike the dexterity needed to start an IV.
Looking out towards Cuba, only 90 miles away.
Sunset on the pier in Key West, near Salute! On the Beach

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