Keep Paddlin’

I uploaded these photos late (“late” as in almost a year later) — and somewhere along the way the photos got all mixed together, so I can hardly tell which are 2018 and which are 2019 — or who knows when exactly. But then, does it really matter? They all come from that period known as “summertime” when the cicadas are loud and the river is rushing.

chestatee river
ready to go kayaking
kayaking on the river

We had a wonderful and relaxing day on the river! 

Do you ever have those days that if you just close your eyes you can go back to — and you’re there in an instant? A memory in which all is good and right in your world? This time on the river is a day that I can re-imagine so clearly: that warm sensation of being mildly sunburnt, the splashes of cool water against the kayak, voices singing just for the fun of it, the vague waft of cigar smoke… hooked on that feeling.

2 thoughts on “Keep Paddlin’

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