Gratitude lately

Lately I’ve been grateful . . .

. . for small hands holding old cameras.

And for the old-fashioned fun of waiting for “instant” film to develop.

For $6 goodwill dresses, and a sewing machine to re-fashion them.

For new backsplashes.

And for hot summer hikes.

Hope you’re enjoying summer, friends! I’ve been really enjoying our film cameras lately, how have you been capturing your summer memories? 

{gratitude lately}

Lately I’ve been grateful…

To have these adorable party animals as parents (and friends!).

For sunny Sunday boat rides.

For the magic of an Amazon cardboard box, and this fluffy cat who reminds me to slow down and enjoy the little things like whisker kisses.


For kayak trips and fun times with my husband’s awesome co-workers.

And for 5ks and upcoming adventures!

Happy Friday, everyone! Do you have any adventures on the horizon? What are you looking forward to most over the next few months?