PopPop Painted

As far back as I can remember, PopPop painted.

It wasn’t that he ‘loved to paint’ — although perhaps he did, I can’t be sure because I never asked him. As a child, it never occurred to me to ask. But whenever my parents bought a house, he painted.

He painted my childhood room from a muddy mustard yellow to a sky blue. He painted the downstairs office, even when he doubted my mother’s dramatic burgundy color-choice (it ended up looking fabulous). He transformed my sister’s boring beige bedroom to a warm welcoming pink.

It wasn’t that my parents couldn’t or wouldn’t have gotten around to painting, they could and they would have done it all themselves — but they never needed to, because PopPop painted.

What a great and simple love is built of things like that: taking care of the painting.

carnations and vaccinations

At the end of a ten-hour vaccine clinic, a well-dressed man with a soft rolling-cooler full of flowers walked around the large atrium and gave every nurse, provider, pharmacist, pharmacy tech, and registration clerk a carnation. He had dozens of them, all different colors, and carefully ensured that every single person who had worked that shift was given the chance to pick a flower. 🌹

When asked what inspired him to do this, he only put his hand over his heart and said “I see how everyone is working so hard.” ❤️

This too shall pass. Someday soon we won’t need vaccine clinics that can serve 2,000-8,000 people / day. But right now we do need these events. This is part of history and we’re living it.

A patient told me, “I remember doing this for polio, too.” I asked her to tell me what that was like, and she did — recalling the day she and all her friends were vaccinated against polio with a green sugarcube. Now she’s been vaccinated against Covid, too.

I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to be a part of the pandemic response. This too shall pass, and I truly believe these vaccines will speed the end of covid as we now know it. I can hardly wait — I’ll work hard for that goal any day.

From My Heart ❤️

Today I worked 12.5 hours.

The first 5.5 in a covid vaccine clinic. The second 7 hours in an urgent care.

In the first half, I celebrated with patients who will never (or never again) catch Covid. In the second, I picked up my stethoscope to listen to the lungs of a 40yo F with Covid-pneumonia.

I want you to know, dear reader, that when I urge you to get vaccinated, I am not a shill for big pharma. Bill Gates has never cut me a check. I’m not a sheep. And I’m not saying these things because it’s my job.

I’ve been up close and personal with this virus for over a year now. And now, I’ve seen these vaccines up close, too. Not only did I receive both doses of mine, but I’ve given them, I’ve monitored patients who’ve just received them, and I’ve offered education about them — over and over again. I’ve watching in awe as 1,000+ patients are vaccinated in a single day.

From my heart, I believe these vaccines are safe. From my heart, I am afraid of what covid can do to your body and of the many things we still don’t know or understand about this virus.

From my heart, I believe getting vaccinated is the best choice. For you, and for our world.

Vaxxed, 12/23/2020

One of the very best days of 2020 was the day I received the first dose of my Moderna anti-covid vaccination.

Are you ready to move ‘up and out’ with me? Let’s bring about the end of “Covid Times” together. Video evidence below so you can see the exact moment when I received my vaccine. So happy!

Insta Story of Covid Vaccine Dose, leading the way as a healthcare worker in ‘Phase 1A’.

Strange Times

These times are odd, make no doubt. Here’s a few images to look back at someday and marvel at.

The curve we hoped to flatten
We cheered for the USNS Comfort arriving in NYC.
Soldiers in Israel wear masks.
As do dancers in Shanghai.
A German doctor poses nude to protest a lack of PPE.
A nurse in an N95 counter-protests the anti-lockdown mob in Denver.
We started wearing masks for errands.
And bought stamps when the post office was failing.
We learned about “ground glass opacities” which became synonymous with “positive Covid”.

And we thought the scare caused by SARS-CoV-2 would be over in mere weeks. There was still a lot to come. We did some things well, and will look back with shame on other choices we made as a nation. We didn’t have much information yet, but isn’t that always how these things are destined to go?

1SE 2019

A glimpse at our lives, one second at a time…

2019 Highlights:

Mr. Bob passed in February

C.A. & K Wedding

J.R. & A. Expecting

Israel Trip (our first!)

J.S. & M. Wedding

Caleb’s Arrival

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